a smattering of images over the years
for the pages of the Dorothy Dunnett Society's literary magazine Whispering Gallery
Medieval James Bond-esque spy
Auks Iceland

"He was drunk as an auk."
To Lie With Lions - Dorothy Dunnett

Magpie, Venice

" My dear ass, I ran like a corncrake..." 
Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett 

"A goose, frowning, marched across the grass."
Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett

"Stirred to reply, a nightingale in the western gully of Trebizond began a sweet descant to the great cry soaring now from the Chrysokephalos."
The Spring of the Ram - Dorothy Dunnett

"Oonagh woke soon after dawn, the blackbirds loud in the orange trees and turned her head..."
Queen's Play - Dorothy Dunnett


"While their younglings fought, and nurses and tutors swooped and called like starlings,..."
Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett

Final Nostradamus copyright.jpg
Nightingale outside Avignon


"L'arbre qu'estoit par long temps morte seche
Dans un nuict vendra a reverdir" 

Checkmate - Dorothy Dunnett

"...there were swans floating through amber reed-beds..."
King Hereafter - Dorothy Dunnett

Blue Tits on pussywillow

"Mr. Crouch, wittily obese like a middle-aged titmouse, sat enthroned on his stomach, giving tongue."
Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett


"Painted, portly and bellicose as puffins..."
Checkmate - Dorothy Dunnett

Puffins Arran

"His parents have been endowing churches like jackdaws."
King Hereafter - Dorothy Dunnett

Jackdaw pair

"...with moorhen tracking its jade lichened surface."
Checkmate - Dorothy Dunnett

after the myth that the pelican wounds her own breast to allow her young to feed upon her blood.

Pelican family, North Africa