Inktober 1 is an ink drawing by my father Thomas Gilchrist. His work as well as the work of my sister Gail Gilchrist Snead -both great inspirations to me- will be included this month.

Small Barn on Still Hill 1976


Inktober 2nd

Records indicate that this is the day I was born. Here is an ink re-enactment of one of my earliest memories: opening the toy cabinet and having the best hand-me-down toyz pounce out at me...

Inktober 3

Ant takes a self-timed photo while visiting Mount Laurel



Green Woodpecker re-worked from a draft submitted to Whispering Gallery

Inktober number 5

From the quarantine series in 2020, endangered heroes Pangolin, Giraffe and friends make an entrance

enter pangolin.jpg

Inktober 6

Wasting no time, our friends open the stage for the little tyke...